Ms.Deepti Srivastava is the Founder and the owner of Food Mantraa. She has always had a passion to cook and create different delicacies and it is this passion that has taken her forward in her career. Today she is considered a passionate chef and a connoisseur of food.

Her journey started around fifteen years back when she started cooking from her kitchen to fulfill small tiffin orders. As work increased and she started getting orders from friends, family, schools and corporate workers, she shifted her kitchen to the basement of her house. Her work was well appreciated and as word started to spread she started getting more orders and this is when she decided to convert her passion into profession.

With her passion combined with her entrepreneur qualities, she began to get orders from large corporate clients where she had to cater to hundreds of employees for lunch. Once she was established in this sector, she went a step further and ventured into party catering. Gradually she has also ventured into baking and can also prepare delicious and customized cakes apart from a variety of desserts.

Deepti maneuvers a team of chefs today and ensures that good quality food is served to all her clients. With experience and time she has gradually created a vast menu from different cuisines for the clients to select from. Right from the beginning, she has always been very conscious about hygiene and each and every dish is prepared with fresh ingredients.

Today Food Mantraa has a kitchen that is spread in two floors and it can cater to 2500 people at a time. She has a team of twenty accomplished chefs and workers who work with the aim of providing the best service to each and every client.

Apart from being an Entrepreneur and striving hard to accomplish her dreams she is also a wife and a mother of two beautiful kids whom she has raised while she took baby steps to move forward in her career.  Her go getter attitude combined with her charming yet simple attitude along with her excellent food is sure to win you over.