We at ‘Food Mantraa’ prepare special snack boxes for people who are travelling or for certain events. Snack boxes are neat and clean finger foods that keep you free from the hassle of providing crockery and cutlery. Our snack boxes are full of healthy recipes for people of all age groups. They look attractive, pretty, and convenient and are easy to serve. They are the perfect way to bite sized, easy-to-pick-up, easy to eat, all fun and no fuss munchies.

You can personalize and customize your boxes as per your preferences, budget and the occasion to make it just the right thing for you. You can select from our menu and be assured of finger-licking and sumptuous snacks. Some of our varied snacks are Vada Pao, Dabeli, Idly Sambhar, Pao Bhaji, Fried Idly, Dhokla, Samosa, Kachori Bhaji, Bread Pakoda, Exciting Sandwiches and much more. Go for it ! We are sure it will bring joy and pleasure to one and all.