Daily Home Lunch

Are you looking for something new, fresh, healthy, palatable as well as delicious to eat for lunch?

Look no further! ‘Food Mantraa’ has just the right Home Style Cooked Lunch which is not only tasty but also nutritious. We have an exceptional and distinctive gourmet service providing you everything from A to Z to your satisfaction. We have a well-equipped and functional kitchen for the preparation of unique and balanced midday meals. We use fine spices and condiments which is the perfect way to capture the flavors of traditional home cooked food for lunch. To maintain hygiene and quality is our constant endeavor ! With Food Mantraa eating a healthy, delicious, nutritionally packed lunch every day is not difficult at all. Moreover, we plan a variety for the complete month so that our clients don’t get bored. We deliver on time at your doorstep or at your desk! One of the best ways to enjoy is to sit back and place your order with us !